We learned Zeke was a newcomer at a feeding station and trapped him for his neuter and vaccinations. We noticed his urine was dark and bloody so he was started immediately on antibiotics. A urine sample was sent to the lab which confirmed he was suffering from a urinary tract infection as well as had many, many crystals in his urine. ‘A blockage waiting to happen’ was the term from our vet. Immediately he was put on antibiotics and prescription food to dissolve the crystals. When he was first trapped he wanted to kill us. Growling, hissing and lashing out. After transfer into a crate he calmed down and it was only a few days until he wanted all the cuddles and pets we could give him! After he is stabilized he’ll be able to get a forever home!

March TNR Kitties! 


Trapping Season is here!

Here are some of our recent Trap – Neuter -Return kitties! 

  Mack  Tiffany




Our 7 kittens have been fully vetted and are ready for homes! Fill out an application here- https://form.jotform.com/72867610084157


Pasta for Paws

Buy your tickets here!  

Pasta for Paws


Spay Day

Silky, Claws, Tiger and Schwinn went to Nutmeg Spay Neuter Clinic today!  



Thank you to the Shelter Dog Bed Project for donating 17 feral cat shelters to us!  


Tiger is gone 😥

We are so very sad. We lost one of our colony cats on Friday he was hit by a car and didn’t make it. He was loved by many. He will be greatly missed by many who have taken care of him and his colony his family for many years. We love you and miss you. Love Missy Lisa Lisa Debby and her family. RIP TIGER YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN  


This little peanut went into the basement of a restaurant and refused to leave. Luckily after being trapped and fixed they found an indoor home for this feral kitty!  


Food for the Kitties!

A big Thank You to Melissa and Frank for sending canned food to the kitties with our Amazon Wish List! https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/ls/ref=?ie=UTF8&%2AVersion%2A=1&%2Aentries%2A=0&lid=6D15YIXSD2S8&ty=wishlist