Food for the Kitties!

A big Thank You to Melissa and Frank for sending canned food to the kitties with our Amazon Wish List! 



Sammy is out of the hospital! He was screaming and running every time he tried to eat. Turns out his teeth were all very, very bad and had to be removed. He’ll need to heal 3/4 weeks and go back in for a sedated exam to be sure all has healed up well. Please help us pay his vet bill which is $1496. He is otherwise healthy and FIV/FeLV negative and we had to help him.


Chardonnay Anyone?

Living in some bushes in front of a local business we trapped Donna and her two kittens. Feral mom will be spayed and released and the 2 babies are off to rescue for socialization  and adoption.  



It's Kitten Season!

A pregnant stray cat had shown up at a home that couldn’t take her inside. We arranged for a rescue to take Katie in, but she went into labor before the transfer took place so is staying put for a few weeks.  


One more from the Marsh (actually 3)

It looks like Pearl had a sister at the marsh that we didn’t know about. Penelope was spotted eating shortly after food was left, and the next day she came with two kittens. All three were trapped, but after a close call with a coyote nearby interested in the crys of a kitten.  


Mama ReRe

When her colony was fixed a year ago ReRe was thought to be already ear tipped and fixed. Well that was proven to be wrong when she came to dinner with 4 kittens in tow. The kittens went to Halfway Home Rescue and Mama ReRe was spayed and released.  


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Three Stooges

Coming from a home with too many cats Moe, Larry and Curly were neutered, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV tested negative and microchipped last week. Curly has been adopted but Moe & Larry are available! 


More Visitors

A little scary seeing a coyote at the feeding station! Be safe kitties! 


Feeding Station Visitor

I'm sorry Mr Turtle! I know it's called a feeding station, but we don't have any turtle food today. Here – Missy will help you get back to the water!



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We Got Rocky!

 After months of drop traps, catch poles & nets we finally have Rocky in Custody! He’s was fixed in January & released after being very cage aggressive. We soon learned he is ‘Street Stupid’ and should not be outdoors on his own. Halfway Home Rescue agreed to take him in and try their non wire kennels, but catching him again was not an easy feat!