Pizza Four Paws

Fix and Feed North haven is hosting a Halloween fundraiser on October 27th!

Check out the flier below. To buy your tickets online (credit card or PayPal) just fill out this form:


Fix and Feed Fundraiser - Pizza Four Paws



We learned Zeke was a newcomer at a feeding station and trapped him for his neuter and vaccinations. We noticed his urine was dark and bloody so he was started immediately on antibiotics. A urine sample was sent to the lab which confirmed he was suffering from a urinary tract infection as well as had many, many crystals in his urine. ‘A blockage waiting to happen’ was the term from our vet. Immediately he was put on antibiotics and prescription food to dissolve the crystals. When he was first trapped he wanted to kill us. Growling, hissing and lashing out. After transfer into a crate he calmed down and it was only a few days until he wanted all the cuddles and pets we could give him! After he is stabilized he’ll be able to get a forever home!